The Jisun Family asked Min Ziqian to serve as steward of their family fortress.

Min Ziqian replied to the messenger, “Do your best to decline the offer politely. If they ask again, I’ll exile myself to the north of the River Wen.”


The virtuous were Yan Hui, Min Ziqian, Ran Boniu, and Zhonggong. The well-spoken were Zai Wo and Zigong. The skillful administrators were Ran Qiu and Zilu. Ziyou and Zixia excelled in scholarship.


When the men of Lu were rebuilding the treasury building, Min Ziqian said, “Why don’t we just rebuild it in the old style? Why do we have to change it completely?”

Confucius said, “This man doesn’t say much, but when he does, he hits the mark.”